Athletic budget cut update #39

The summer heat and absence of collegiate competition brings no relief in the athletic budget news. Here's the latest:

Princeton announced it will no longer create or print media guides and will instead use its website for distribution of all information that was previously contained in the guides. is running a week-long series of articles about the budget cuts that are occurring across the college athletic landscape.

All state funding for athletics will be eliminated at New Orleans, leaving the program searching for ways to close the gap, including the possibility of having "virtual swim meets" in which the school's team would swim in their own pool while comparing times against a team swimming in another pool.

UTEP is facing a $800,000 cut to its $20 million budget and will be eliminating media guides, and eliminating four positions.

Southern Louisiana is facing a $750,000 budget cut due to lost state funding.

New Mexico State has reduced its budget by $1.5 million and will eliminate 8 staff positions.

Oregon's budget will be increasing by nearly $11 million to $65 million, however nearly all of the increase is due to debt service on athletic construction projects and is likely going to lead to cuts in other areas.


Libby said…
Virtual swim meets... sounds like the wave of the future...

What's next? Virtual track meets, virtual golf...

What is adrenaline pumping about swimming, scoring on a spreadsheet, and then finding out the scores via blackberry or email messages after you ahve touched the wall or crossed the line?