UltimateSportsInsider.com moving to Peoria

The home office for UltimateSportsInsider.com is moving to Peoria, Illinois as of January 1, 2010.  The reason for the move is that I have been named Bradley University's Director of Athletics. 

There is an incredible amount of closure that needs to happen at Princeton and even more preparation that needs to happen before my arrival in Peoria.  Because of this, the frequency of my posting will decrease in the near future as I transition between the institutions. 

I appreciate your readership and patience during the transition and look forward to continuing to provide updates when possible.  I encourage you to become a subscriber to the site (using the easy sign up box near the top of www.ultimatesportsinsider.com) so that we can continue to discuss the national issues related to intercollegiate athletics.


Ryan Castle said…
Anonymous said…
Congrats from one Michigan alum to another.

Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the new position! I truly enjoy your blog and look forward to new information in 2010.
Patrick Dobel said…
Congratulations. This is great to hear. The kind of knowledge you have developed here on the blog will be of immense help as you lead the new program. This is well deserved.
Shack said…
Hey Mike! How about 100 words on how your transition went? Or even ask the rest of us for a quick tale of success in our transitions that might be valuable to you and the rest of us?

In any event, best of luck.
Jon Litchfield said…
Congratulations on the new position and I hope the transition is going well. As a loyal reader I hope you have time to update the blog soon, but after going through a recent transition myself I understand how consuming it can be. Thanks for the great reading.