Athletic budget update #58

Seton Hall to cut four sports
Track and field will take a big hit under Seton Hall’s new athletic budget, as the school plans to cut its men and women’s indoor and outdoor programs. Seton Hall will add women’s golf to meet Title IX standards.

Cal State Northridge drops swimming

The men and women’s swimming programs will be dropped at Cal State Northridge according to athletic director Rick Mazzuto. The school will save close to $300,000 a year once current scholarships run out.

Montana may reduce out-of-state scholarships
After raising ticket prices and cutting the athletic budget last year, the University of Montana may limit its out-of-state scholarships. This would allow the school to bring in more money from the out-of-state student-athletes.

Oregon athletics suffer deficit
Despite the recent success of its football team, the University of Oregon is currently suffering from a $642,000 deficit. Oregon State is also struggling and was down $5.9 million on June 30, 2009.