The sorting hat and your career

I had the opportunity to speak at The Head Coach Training Center (@HeadCoachTC) earlier this week as part of a panel discussion about what directors of athletics are seeking when hiring coaches. While I was there I was reminded of the The Harry Potter series.

The first installment, "Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone", has a scene that involves a "sorting hat," - a magical hat that assigns each student into one of four "houses" where they will live, make friends, attend class and compete against the other houses.  The decision is based on the sorting hat's impression of the talents, abilities, attitudes and values of the student wearing the hat.  If you aren't familiar with the scene you can watch below.

The sorting hat is fictional.  But your daily actions are the sorting hat of your professional career. 

I'll be attending the National Collegiate Recruiting Conference on June 11 speaking about career development.  Summer is a good time to invest in yourself and advance professionally and this conference is one opportunity among many you should consider.  

At some point the hat is going to be on your head.  Will it be yelling your name for the house of your choice?