Athletic budget update #74

Dowling College (NCAA Division II) is closing effective June 3, 2016.  The college had been in existence since 1968, offered 14 sports and won 2 national championships (men's soccer 2006 and men's lacrosse 2012) as part of a lengthy list of championship successes.

Alaska Fairbanks may have to petition for a waiver of NCAA rules if it drops below the minimum number of sports required for membership.

Idaho announced it is moving its football program from the highest competitive level (FBS) to a level that requires less financial commitment (FCS) and better institutional and conference alignment.

Morehead State announced they are dropping their men's and women's tennis programs in order to save about $400,000 while add adding women's indoor track and beach volleyball.  The elimination of men's tennis makes it the 12th program dropped in the last two years.

Arizona State is reinstating men's tennis following a $1 million donation from their Director of Athletics Ray Anderson and a $4 million donation from adidas.