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Are you "over-qualified"?

I recently heard a ten-minute presentation from a leading professional in their field regarding academic policies - a straightforward and fact-based topic.  The presenter was without question the expert in the room.   Unfortunately, the speaker eroded their qualifications and authority from the outset - sentence by sentence - through the use of qualifiers.  In the course of the short presentation, more than 30 qualifiers (an average of one every 20 seconds) were used.  I'm sure you'll recognize them -  "A little bit" - five times "I think" - four times  "Just" - three times "Kind of" - three times "Trying to" - three times "Some" - Twice "Maybe" - Twice "Probably" "Approximately" "At times" "A few"  "A couple" "Pretty good" "As possible" And there were some compound-qualifiers such as "probably a little bi

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