Athletic budget cut update #28

UNLV is losing $1.8 million in state funding and will have to adjust its budget in numerous ways including reducing team equipment and apparel by $125,000, eliminating two chartered flights for football, saving $100,000, eliminating insurance for walk on student athletes ($75,000), eliminating $50,000 of cell phone expenses, printing fewer media guides ($22,000), scheduling more day practices and games to save lighting and staffing costs ($10,000). An extra $500,000 in student fee money prevented dropping a program.

The Big Ten is dropping its gifts (luggage, electronics, etc.) for the men's basketball championship and other sports, saving $500,000 and has frozen salaries for higher paid league employees.

The NCAA is cutting $4 million from its budget through reduced travel and through delays in hiring for vacant positions.

The Big Sky Conference is moving to a Friday/Saturday format in men's and women's basketball that will have its teams playing on back-to-back nights, returning to a scheduling arrangement that was last used in 2002; men's and women's basketball travel parties will be limited to 17 people; air travel will not be permitted for trips of less than 450 miles; and the number of teams that compete in the volleyball and men's and women's tennis championships will be reduced from 6 to 4.

Louisiana Tech is cutting funding by $258,000 and reducing out of region travel. The article also presents positive approaches the institution is taking generate revenue.

Northwestern State (LA) is facing $129,000 in additional scholarship costs and has adjusted its football schedule - dropping Cal Poly and absorbing a $100,000 buyout to escape the contract in exchange for a $300,000 payout from Houston.

The Sporting News has an interesting article about some potential ways the sport of football could save money.

The Sports Business Daily (subscription required) is reporting that the Pac 10 intends to submit NCAA legislation to eliminate foreign travel, prohibit hotel stays the night before home contests and to reducing the number of games and the length of the playing season in all sports except football, men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball.