Athletic budget cut update #23 - Washington Drops Swimming Programs

The University of Washington Director of Athletics Scott Woodward has announced the Huskies are dropping their men's and women's swimming teams in an effort to close a $2.8 million budget gap. The decision is expected to save the school $1.2 million.

Georgia Tech announced the elimination of 15 staff positions by laying off 13 individuals and leaving two vacant positions unfilled.

University of Miami has required each sport to cut its budget by 3.5% and it also laid off staff back in January to find $850,000 in savings due to declining profits. The school is also advocating, along with the ACC, that football establish an early signing period to help save money.

Arkansas is committing $1 million to the University's general fund to help offset budget cuts on the academic side of the house.

USA Today also had an article about rapidly increasing costs in college athletics.