Athletic budget cut update #37 - Texas A & M lays off 17 staff members

Texas A & M has eliminated 17 staff positions, saving $1 million, including two staff members who had a combined for over 70 years of service to the University. The cuts followed $3.5 million worth of other reductions that were necessitated by the declining budget environment. As a point of reference, the Aggies' revenue for 2007-08 was nearly $75 million, according to EADA documents.

The North Carolina Legislature continues to eye possible changes to the provision that currently allows out-of-state students to be charged an in-state tuition rate if they are receiving an athletic grant-in-aid. If the provision is eliminated, the state's Division I athletic programs could face a significant budgetary impact since they would now be responsible for greater tuition costs for non-resident athletes.

Tennessee Chattanooga is eliminating nearly $250,000 from its athletic budget by moving marketing staff to other parts of the University and making other marketing cuts. The cuts will directly impact Athletic Director Rick Hart, who will not replace his executive assistant after her retirement in December.

The Division III Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC) is cutting $250,000 from its budget by moving game times later in order to eliminate overnight travel before contests and by reducing the number of teams that participate in post season contests from 8 to 6.

Nevada Reno's ski team will need to have all of its operational costs funded by donors (other than grants in aid and coaching salaries) due to state budget cuts.

NCAA Division II is considering reductions in the number of permissible contests across eight sports including baseball and softball, soccer, field hockey, volleyball and golf.