Athletic Budget Update #56

Tennessee puts record amount into athletics
Tennessee has no problem spending during the recession, as its budget will jump 13 percent this year, meaning the university will spend over $100 million on athletics for the first time. The upgraded budget comes partly because of the SouthEastern Conference's new television contracts.

Iowa cuts recruiting costs
The University of Iowa saw a 40 percent drop in recruiting costs for its football program during 2009. Each Iowa sport had to cut five percent from its budget according to athletic director Gary Barta.

Ohio State will not cut sports
Ohio State University offers the most Div. I sports of any school in the country, 36, but OSU is not considering cutting sports as an option to resolve its budget problems.
"There was never a thought in these last discussions about eliminating sports," athletic director Gene Smith said. "We're not doing that."

Hawaii's athletic deficit could surpass $10 million
After accumulating $8,051,123 in debt since 2002, the University of Hawaii expects its deficit to surpass $10 millon during this fiscal year. Hawaii had a $2,632,408 deficit this past year, and has lost money in seven of the past eight years, excluding the 2007 Sugar Bowl year.

Fordham to increase budget for men's basketball
The board of trustees at Fordham University (NY) has announced that there will be a "significant" increase to the men's basketball budget. The school hopes the budget increase will push the team into the upper third of the Atlantic 10.

-Alex Mayster


Anonymous said…
Ohio State doesn't have the most Division I sports in the country...many Ivy League schools sponsor more than 36 Division I sports.