How to become an athletic director – Part 4 – A two minute quiz

As you prepare to become an athletic director, the next thing you should do is stop and grab a pen. 

Ok, now that you have it, answer three questions honestly: 
  1. What knowledge do I have to become an athletic director?
  2. What skills do I have to become an athletic director?
  3. What experience do I have to become an athletic director?
Now that you have the answers to these three questions, you also have a plan.  

The answers to these three questions outline your skills and strengths, but more importantly point out the holes, gaps and weaknesses you need to address to become an AD.     

Perhaps you need more education.  Maybe more experience at a senior level.  Fundraising experience.  Coaching supervision.  Facility construction experience.  

Your personal list may be short or long, but everyone has holes.  Now that you know what your holes are, take a step, TODAY, to start filling one of them.  Write down the gaps, create a plan to close them, and most importantly, overcome inertia and start taking steps to achieve your goal.   

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I was invited to speak last year at the NACDA Convention in Orlando, Florida and present a talk entitled "Moving from the business office to the athletic director's chair." Since that talk a number of people have asked me for a copy of my comments and notes.  Since these requests keep coming, I have created a multi-part series that recaps and expands on the NACDA talk.  I am far from an expert, but I hope my experiences make this series valuable and thought provoking.