Athletics budget update #66

Approximately half of Wichita State's Athletics staff was facing the possibility of furlough due to the inability of the Kansas state legislature to pass a budget.

Western Illinois is examining men's and women's basketball scheduling to enhance revenue for the athletic program through guarantee games.

South Carolina State continues to undergo massive athletic cuts, yet Director of Athletics Paul Bryant remains optimistic about the future of the program.

Clemson and South Carolina student fees are part of an in depth article analyzing the fee structures at various public institutions across the state.

In depth article about Louisiana Monroe and the financial challenges it faces as the school with the lowest revenues and expenditures in FBS football.

Very interesting article about $9+ million in state appropriations to IMG Academy in Florida and the businesses that are being attracted to the area due to the Academy's engagement with high profile athletes. recently spoke at the University at Buffalo during an alumni leadership event.  This short 2 minute video gives some of the flavor of this very engaging and robust 90 minute panel discussion.