Athletics budget update #70

The Washington Post with a lengthy article about college athletics facility spending.  Clemson is looking to re-set the arms race bar with miniature golf, bowling lanes and laser tag for student athletes.  Some very noteworthy comments, including:
  • Graham Neff, Deputy AD at Clemson - "For the incremental cost of pouring concrete [for mini golf holes], we feel there is going to be big ROI [return on investment] for it being new and unique to Clemson." 
  • From a University of Colorado Regent on their $156 million football facility - "By the time we're done...we'll be right back behind them all again."  "It's a never ending arms race to build shiny objects that appeal to 17-year-olds, so they'll pick us instead of someone else."
  • From Joel Leider, the VP of SportsPLAN regarding why college facilities are nicer than some professional complexes - "When you pay a player, that changes the equation." and "It's hard to even recognize college athletics anymore."
Western Illinois announced it is cutting men's tennis at the conclusion of the spring season.  This is the 10th men's tennis program dropped in the past 18 months.

The Washington Post reviews the rise in severance pay for coaches who have been let go from their program.

Huffington Post with a survey of faculty regarding athletic budgets indicating that a majority of respondents are satisfied with their institution's financial commitment to college athletic programs.

Take a walk back in history and read this story about the Wichita State athletics budget in 1986. Different names and smaller amounts, but similar themes are still being discussed across the country 30 years later - television, student fees, cutting sports, how to pay the bills and winning as the primary solution.

A very Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends.