Athletic Budget Update # 49

Yale has reduced equipment costs and recruiting budgets in an effort to trim its budget, which was cut as part of a University-wide 7.5% reduction.  In addition, teams have been given a geographic area they are required to stay within for competition, unless they are able to secure guarantee payments from their opponent. 

Elsewhere in Connecticut, UCONN is leaving some positions vacant to help reduce its budget, has printed fewer media guides and is distributing them at games rather than mailing them to save postage.  Southern Connecticut, Hartford, Fairfield, Sacred Heart and Central Connecticut have reduced or eliminated the guides as well.  Southern Connecticut is also having its men's and women's basketball teams travel together to conference games to reduce travel expenses.

The America East Conference conducted a six month cost reduction study and has recommended the suspension of team banquets, limited travel party sizes and decreased the number of in-person conference meetings. 

Stanford is lowering the price of basketball season tickets for students from $65 to $35.  In addition, attendance at ten games or more will earn an additional $20 rebate. 

Nevada has lost $1.2 million in state funding and is looking to increase revenue from concessions, pouring rights, video streaming, merchandising and other areas to enhance their budget.

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