Athletic budget update #32 - The SEC likes to share

The Southeastern Conference is distributing $132 million dollars across the 12 member schools as part of its annual revenue sharing arrangement. The $11 million per school is derived primarily from "...$52 million from football television, $25.4 million from bowls, $14.3 million from the SEC championship game, $13.6 million from basketball television, $4.1 million from the men's basketball tournament and $23.1 million from NCAA championships." Commissioner Mike Slive indicated that next year's payment is expected to be more "robust" when the conference's 15 year agreement with ESPN ($2.25billion) and CBS Sports ($800 million) begins.

Wisconsin is trying to determine how to implement 16 furlough days over the next two years, cuts that will amount to a 3% salary reduction.

Wyoming is going to have its budget reduced by $600,000 over the next 2 years The 5% reduction caused the elimination of four staff positions and the dance team as part of the savings.

East Tennessee State is looking to an athletic fee to help fill their budget gap. The $25 per semester increase is intended to help close a $300,000 budget gap from the 2008-09 academic year.

The Los Angeles Times has an in depth article about the impact that the Governor's proposed budget will have on athletics in the community college system. The 2 year schools, which have provided countless student athletes to four-year institutions over the years, are facing a 40% reduction in funding for physical education ($120 million). Physical education is crucial to the two year athletic programs because many coaches earn a significant portion of their compensation by teaching physical education.