Athletic Budget Update #44

Vanderbilt men's basketball coach Kevin Stallings passed on a $100,000 pay raise in order to fund his team's international travel to Australia this summer.  

Indiana will receive $3 million next season to move a home football game against Penn State from its on-campus stadium 650 miles east to Maryland.  Athletic Director Fred Glass stated when justifying the decision.  "We're a PT boat in a conference dominated by aircraft carriers...It's incumbent upon me to be creative and look for reasonable ways to close that revenue gap. I feel like this is a small step in that direction."

Following up on an earlier posting at, public colleges and universities in North Carolina can continue to grant out-of-state student athletes in-state tuition rates, at a cost of $10 million each year.  The reduction was being examined in response to state budget cuts.

Fresno State is reducing its budget for 2009-10 by $1.8 million and is achieving the savings by cutting every team and administrative budget by 20%.

San Jose State and Cal Berkley are both planning to use bus travel for football games at USC and UCLA.  The decision to move away from charter air travel will result in $100,000 in savings while adding only about 1 hour to the travel time.  Both schools are also examining how to institute state mandated furlough days for the coaching staff so that there is no impact on either team's competitiveness.

New Mexico State's 2009-10 budget cuts include salary reductions of $1.5 million and the elimination of eight staff positions.

The Indianapolis Star has an article examining the decision to eliminate media guides at Purdue and other schools across the country.  The Indy Star also looked at the practice of housing football teams in hotels the night before a home game.

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