Athletic Budget Update #51

Moving into the second half-century of budget updates from, here is the latest from around the country:

The NY Times has a must read article about the use of helicopters to enhance football recruiting

Oregon State has taken the elimination of teams off the table to close their budget gap and will instead try to increase fund raising and consider freezing or reducing pay for staff throughout the department. 

Wisconsin coaches will be required to take furlough days that have been ordered for all state employees. 

Portland State has cut the salaries of their football staff, including head coach Jerry Glanville. 

Maryland eliminated $22,500 in funding for the marching band.

USA Today has a review of the California state budget situation and the perception that athletics is not sharing in the budget pain.

Delaware State picked up two football losses on Saturday in exchange for a $550,000 check.

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Patrick Dobel said…
The Wisconsin decision is interesting. In many states the "highest paid state employee" is the football or basketball coach. However, they often end up exempt from state orders like furloughs given contractual or "market" reasons. I wonder if California will follow suite?
A. G. Dube said…
As for California, the coaches do have to follow the furloughs. Kind of. Link:

BTW, Patrick, I enjoyed reading your blog.