Athletics budget update #68

Here are some budgetary odds and ends from around college athletics.

The Wall Street Journal reviews consideration by Michigan State about expanding their club sports model and speculates about new competitive models if their experiment is successful - "over time, if the university is able to beef up the profile of its club programs, the idea, of removing sports from the roster of NCAA programs might not be so painful for the players and prospective recruits, particularly if more schools followed suit."  The rationale for the moves and consideration is driven largely by financial concerns.  No comments from student athletes and staff who might be moved to a different model were provided to substantiate the speculation.

UNC Wilmington has achieved a budget surplus amidst on-going concerns that some sports may be at risk of being cut.

UW Oshkosh is dropping its men's soccer program and its student athletes had a unique protest.

Cal State athletic budgets have improved in the past few years, but needs still exist according to an article at

Eastern Illinois University President David Glassman cut another $320,000 from athletics and changed the Univeristy organizational chart so that the athletics department can now report to him directly rather than student affairs.