Athletic budget cut update #8 - Stanford Cuts 21 Staff Positions

Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby reduced the size of Stanford's athletic staff by 13 percent, eliminating 21 positions in what he termed an "excruciating" move. The possibility was first suggested back in January when Stanford revealed it was facing a more than $5 million budget gap. At least two of the cuts included senior staff members.
Other recent major announcements include:

  • George Washington - Athletic Director Jack Kavancz announced the elimination of the men's and women's diving teams.

  • Northwestern - Increasing student athletic fee by $4 to $37. Cutting 3% of non-salary operating budget.

  • MEAC Conference - Considering adding two conference members and creating two divisions within the conference, which provides an opportunity to reduce expenses by focusing travel within geographically aligned divisions.

  • Akron - Pledges and season ticket sales for a new stadium (which is already under construction) are slowing in a soft economy.

  • Fresno State - Eliminating printed media guides, saving approximately $75000 and nearly 3 tons of paper each year.

  • Tennessee - Moving forward with plans to merge their separate men's and women's athletic departments, one of the few remaining gender-specific athletic programs in the country.

Check back regularly for more updates.


Anonymous said…
Latest blip since Feb 25 announcement: Stanford now considering cutting its men's crew.
Michael Cross said…
USI apreciates the tip and will watch for more concrete information about this possibility.