Athletic budget cut update #19 - Quinnipiac facing Title IX lawsuit and Maine dropping teams

The on-going budget cutting has resulted in a Title IX lawsuit by the ACLU against Quinnipiac University for its decision to drop their women's volleyball team in response to budget pressures. Meanwhile, other athletic departments continued down the path of eliminating teams with Maine eliminating their men's soccer and women's volleyball teams to save $871,000 and Tennessee Martin dropping men's tennis at the conclusion of the season. Other news includes:

Nevada Reno - President Milton Glick has been devising various budget cutting options (between $200,000 and $700,000) for athletics with possible adjustments to include the elimination of two teams, restructuring coaching contracts and reducing scholarship support. Athletic Director Cary Groth has indicated that this will be the third straight year of budget cuts which have already totaled over $900,000 since 2007.

Florida - The University Athletic Association is going to send $6 million dollars to the University's general fund as part of its 10% budget reduction.

Florida State - Using pay cuts, furloughs and unpaid vacations to close the budget gap. President T.K. Wetherell indicated that "if anyone thinks that the Boosters and Athletics including coaches are not going to be involved in this pay cut and/or furloughs he/she is crazy."

Tennessee - Charged admission ($5) for the first time ever to its spring football game with the money going to the University's libraries.

New Mexico - Athletic Director Paul Krebs indicated that most sport teams will be taking a 10% budget cut with individual teams being allowed to figure out the best way to accomplish the task.

Purdue - Increasing the cost of men's basketball tickets by approximately $2, providing an extra half million dollars of revenue.

Florida International - New Men's Basketball Coach Isiah Thomas will work for free to help ease FIU's budget issues.

Philadelphia University - Dropped field hockey.

Principia College (St.Louis, MO) and Blackburn College (IL) both announced they are dropping football.