Athletic budget cut update #21 - Beavers chopping east! and west?

The latest budget news has Oregon State Director of Athletics Bob DeCarolis suggesting that if their recently announced fund raising efforts are not successful the Beavers may be forced to drop teams.

Meanwhile, M.I.T., the largest athletic department in the country, followed through on its previously announced intention to cut teams by eliminating 20% of them in one giant bite. The eight sports that will no longer be sponsored by the Beavers include Men's and Women's Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Men's and Women's Gymnastics, Golf, Pistol and Alpine Skiing and will solve most of a $485,000 budget deficit.

University of New Orleans Chancellor Tim Ryan is indicating that unless some of the statewide cuts across the Louisiana State system are restored that they will consider eliminating their ENTIRE athletic program and 225 jobs.

Grambling is also facing a $1.4 million budget cut as part of the massive higher education cuts occurring in the state. The amount is 25% of the total necessary to close the institutional gap. Louisiana Tech is also looking to athletics to close its institutional budget gap, with 5% of the institutional cut directed towards athletics.