Athletic Budget Update #45

Labor Day weekend brings rest, relaxation, college football, and athletic budget cuts.  Here's the latest.....

Ohio State had a $148,000 budget deficit in 2008-09, but the deficit included a $1 million donation to the University library.  Cuts across the department included coach and staff per deim reductions from $65 to $45 and the men's basketball team staying home from a planned trip to Italy.  Instead they went to Windsor, Ontario and stayed in cabins.

UNLV may be facing an additional $300,000 - $400,000 in budget cuts on top of the $1.1 million that was already eliminated from this year's budget. The cuts could include personnel reductions or the elimination of teams. 

Fresno State is eliminating hotel stays before home football games and will no longer fly to games at the University of Nevada as a way to reduce expenses. 

Michigan State eliminated radio coverage of road volleyball games as a cost saving measure. 

Texas Tech is facing challenges trying to keep up with the spending of its larger Big XII counterparts

Florida A&M  is engaging in a series of budget reducing measures such as playing games closer to home, recruiting more in state students and working with local golf courses to reduce practice expenses. 

USA Today has an in-depth article about the use of guarantee games by smaller schools to help balance their athletic budgets.