Athletic Budget Update #47

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is considering an array of tax increases including taxes on athletic ticket sales.  The tax increase could mean up to $1.2 million in lost revenue for Michigan State if the athletic program decides to absorb the tax increase within current ticket prices, rather than passing the tax hike through to ticket purchasers.    

Wright State is considering additional options, beyond staff reductions that have already occurred, to close a $1 million budget gap - 10% of their entire budget.  

South Carolina State is considering eliminating teams and implementing roster management to close some significant budget gaps after enrollment at the University was over 500 students short of projections.

Brown University was unable to fill two vacant staff positions in marketing and game management and has cut back on travel in response to their budget shortfalls.

Bemidji State's men's track team will be spared for the coming season after fund raising targets to support the team were attained. 

In the midst of significant budget cuts, the Associated Press has written an interesting story about institutions that are adding sports teams in order to improve their institutional budget.  The primarily Division II and III institutions use the teams to increase student enrollment and receive the benefit of tuition dollars that more than cover the cost of sponsoring the team.

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